EF310 Unit 08 Client Assessment Matrix FITT PROS ARH

To view a detailed description of the assignment please click on the link above.  This is a client assessment describes FITT and PRO principles for four individuals in different age brackets. From a holistic standpoint, holistic care is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the human body, this care considers the whole person and how one interacts with the environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.  In this exercise it explains the different types of exercises and the frequency of them.  Exercise helps connect with the mind, body, and spirit.  


HW499 Unit 2 Assignment

Exercise and chronic disease: Get the facts

This article focuses on the how one should be exercising if they have chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.  As always medical clearance is strongly encouraged before starting any fitness program.  Adding aerobics to a fitness regimen will increase endurance.  The type of aerobic exercise needs to be determined by a physician.


Fitness basics

This website focuses on how much physical activity the average person get regularly.  150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity is recommended weekly.  Strength training should be at least two days a week.  Exercising has many benefits which includes improved overall health, strengthening of bones,  and weight regulation.

Making it through the Holiday Blues

The holidays tend to be rough times for most people.  Cold weather equates comfort food.  People overspend and end up in debt, the loss of a family member could be overwhelming, weight gain issues, etc. can all be determining factors of holiday blues. This tends to put people in a funk when it comes to exercising.  It is very similar to burnout.  To alleviate this one should prioritize.  Make time for self, set goals and stick to them, and most importantly  get a a support group.

These articles are very important to my professional focus as my focus is fitness and nutrition.  Making time to take care of your body is key in remaining healthy and possibly living a full life.


HW499 Unit 1 Assignment

Article 1 is titled “Shoulder Savers”.  This article will be a significant help to my professional goals.  My main goal is to utilize this degree and potentially work in a Corporate Wellness department.  Wellness an fitness go hand in hand.  In order to understand fitness you must first understand the body.  Understanding what causes stress to the body and how to relieve it is extremely important.  Tension is held int hte hips and shoulders.  This article educates one on how to preserve your shoulders.


Article 2 is titled Yoga and Management of Chronic Back Pain.  With my ultimate goal of working in a Corporate Wellness environment, I have to realize what causes pain.  Depending on where I choose to have my career, I could work for an employer that requires heavy lifting or have regular occurrences with injuries.  Knowing the risk factors associated with chronic back pain and knowing yoga/meditation will alleviate symptoms is worth investing time and research into.  Pain management for most people is not dealt with head on.  People learn to “live with the pain” rather than treat/manage it.


Article 3 is titled Heat Up Your Winter Exercise Routine With These Cold Weather Activities.  When the New Year arrives everyone wants to start back working out.  Educating people on “how” to workout is crucial. People tend to workout but get frustrated in the process.  This causes a setback and will likely make the person discontinue workout practices.  Preparing for cold weather can be a task.  Knowing when to and when not to workout is very important.  Knowing what types of workouts are beneficial during cold months can make or break a workout.



When I Think About Yoga


I decided to take a different approach with this week’s blog.  This week is focused around relaxation.  Exercise is very important, however, meditation and stretching is just as important in your exercise regimen. So….tell me what you think when you think about yoga! I’ll tell you what I think.

When I think about yoga, the first thought that comes to mind is serenity. Yoga relaxes me and makes me feel complete.


That’s why I am SO STOKED to participate in prAna’s Take The Leap 30 days of Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink. I plan to hindi squat my way to a more namaste and invigorating 2015!


For me, the biggest challenge when it comes to yoga is focusing on balance poses. Taking the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink is a great way for me to find my inner peace and work harder on balance poses.


My favorite place to yoga is downward dog because it is so refreshing to have fresh blood flowing to the brain while stretching my calves in this position.


Here’s a photo of me in my very best yoga pose!


NO EXCUSESI challenge everyone to tag me on instagram or facebook with their very own yoga pose!  #fitnhealthydiva.com 


I want these yogis to share their very best yoga pose photos, this fun madlib and of course, I challenge them to join me on this fun 30 day yoga journey

Come on y’all, Take the Leap with me!

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If I win I would gift the $500 to one of my fitness participants if they participate in this challenge because they work so hard on fitness goals they would deserve it!


Join the Take the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink Facebook group / event which we’ll use for updates, sharing,and inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1525412337742204/

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And join the challenge on Instagram, Twitter, and your blog using the hashtags:





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What’s The “Tea” on Lemon Water?

Hola blog lovers!!!

Let’s get right to it.  I often surf the internet and I see so many articles on lemon water.  I see a TON of benefits but I also see a lot of not so good things.  Some of the cons I’ve seen are primarily putting lemon in your water can be yucky because of the germs on the lemon.  Let me clarify.  I’ve read that getting lemons put in your water at restaurants can be yucky because of a few reasons:  handlers aren’t washing their hands properly, there’s cross contamination from unclean dishes the lemons have been sitting in, or the lemons have been sitting for a few days in the same containers.   So for that reason alone when I eat out NO LEMONS FOR ME PLEASE!  Having said that you can buy your own lemons (without worrying about the germs) and enjoy the many benefits of lemon water!  Soooo….what exactly ARE the benefits?  Check it out!

  • Lemons are rich in vitamins B & C and have a cleansing effect on the digestive system
  • Lemons serve as an antacid and aid in digestion
  • Lemons strengthen the immune system and helps relieve symptoms of colds and flu
  • Lemons are a natural antiseptic
  • A cup of lemon water in the morning can help with bad breath
  • Lemon water can put you in a good mood (the smell of lemons can revitalize your mood)

Water is an essential part of every day life.  YOU NEED IT! If you don’t like drinking water throw a few slices of lemon in it to add some zing to it!  It’s a healthy non-calorie beverage and you can drink it guilt free!!!

As always check with your physician before changing any diets, especially if there is a medical condition involved.


On another note, take the No EXCUSES exercise challenge with me!!!


Here’s what you need to do:

Follow me on Instagram (instagram link on on my page) and do the following exercises daily:

  • TODAY: #SundayZenday: show us how you get your zen on!
  • Monday, 1/19: 30 sec. mountain climbers (any variation)
  • Tuesday, 1/20: 10 pushups (any variation)
  • Wednesday, 1/21: Take the stairs, any stairs, and show us where you went!
  • Thursday, 1/22:  20 lunges, 10 on each side (any variation)
  • Friday, 1/23: #FREEFriday – choose something to share

Upload a pic of your exercises above daily and hashtag #fitnhealthydiva.com #beyondfitwithash.

The person(s) with the most uploads will be featured on my blog and will have a chance to with some cool fitness gear (shhhhh it’s a secret).  Yeah baby!!!!

Until next time!!! XOXO

Stay healthy and happy!!